Legal Boundary Surveys

Legal boundary surveys deal with property lines and the locations of rights, responsibilities and restrictions affecting the land. Legal boundary surveys address easements for utilities, right-of-way access, boundary uncertainties, and more. If you are not certain where your property lines are, we can help. Here are a few common products and services we offer:

Boundary Uncertainty Resolution

Finding, Verifying and Replacing Survey Markers

Boundary Line Maintenance

Plans of Survey

Surveyor’s Real Property Reports (SRPR)

Foundation Location & Elevation Surveys

Easement Plans

Right-of-Way Plans

Lease Surveys

Marine & Aquaculture Site Plans & Surveys

Written Description Preparation


Subdivisions are a specific type of legal boundary survey with special legislative powers to create and modify property lines. Subdivisions are most commonly used to divide land into smaller lots. Subdivisions can also be used to consolidate two or more parcels into one larger piece, or to change the location of a property line between two neighbors. We help clients with subdivisions of all sizes, from single lot to multi-phased developments. Below are a few of the products and services we offer:

Feasibility Analysis and Conceptual Design

Planning Regulation Review

Tentative Subdivision Plans

Planning Approval and Rezoning Representation

Subdivision and Amending Subdivision Plans and Field Work

Parcel Annexations


Air Space Parcels


Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys measure and depict physical features on and below the ground in support of a wide variety of applications. Commonly, topographic surveys are conducted prior to engineering design for municipal or infrastructure projects. We work closely with our clients to understand which features they need surveyed to support their project, how to collect the data safely and efficiently, and how to derive and present the data in an effective manner. 

Three-Dimensional Topographic Surveys

Digital Terrain, Elevation & Surface Models

Contour Plans

Flood Event Mapping

Stockpile and Volume Calculations

Static GNSS Surveys

Drone Imagery

Construction Surveys

Joseph has provided construction surveying services on projects of many sizes, including multi-story downtown buildings, large buried infrastructure projects, hydro-electric projects, an offshore tanker jetty, single-and-multi-unit construction, municipal development, and more. We understand the importance of safety and reliability on your site. Common products and services include:

Plot Plans

Survey Control & Benchmark Establishment

Flagging for Clearing & Grubbing

Foundation Corner & Gridline Layout

Street and Municipal Infrastructure Layout

Grade Layout

Quality Control / Quality Assurance Surveys

As-Built Surveys

Drone Imagery

Consulting Services

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